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772 Dudley Shoals Road  -  Granite Falls, North Carolina

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Welcome To The Members Only Area!
Greetings Deadly Shoals Staff! This section of the website is for Deadly Shoals members only!  Please keep your passwords confidential... all passwords are monitored for hackers.  Passwords that are compromised will be deleted, and you must apply with the webmaster for a NEW password.

If you have any questions at all about the website, or need to edit/change your login information, please contact Tim Yancey at, or call (561) 642-9968.

03/16/2005 - Message From The WebMaster
Hey Gang!  As time grows closer for the 2005 event, we will be posting messages here for our volunteers, and keeping you updated on the last information!  Tune in often, and watch for special announcements from the staff!  This section is for YOUR EYES ONLY... so don't be telling people your password.  Please feel to use the members-only message board as well, you can find it in the menu of this page!  

If you have pertinent information relating to the Trail that you want to publish here, contact me personally at: and I will post yo stuff!